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We love North Dakota and our community of Bismarck/Mandan.  It is no secret we experience all four seasons and their unique flavors.  This is why this is a wonderful place to reside.  It is  also no secret that our sleepy cities and simple ways of life have experienced many changes over the past few years.  Many of our family and friends are snowbirds and have Home Watch Services for their properties in warmer climates but do not have that peace of mind for their primary residences in our area.  Many are depending on family and friends.  In this climate, we know that can be a challenge both for those who are away and those left in charge.  We care about our neighbors and understand the concern while away from the home.
Definition of Home Watch – The visual inspection of a home or property looking for obvious issues.

Dakota Home Watch, LLC provides the security and peace of mind that your home is being monitored professionally, honestly, and with integrity.  We look for those little things that often are overlooked by someone “house-sitting”.  The small leak from the faucet, the condensation on that window, the bubble in the floor by the dishwasher or that finicky ice maker in the fridge.  We manage appliances and systems so they continue to work properly.  We assure you that what you think you have in place while gone is actually happening….snow is being removed, flyers are picked up, furnaces and/or air-conditioning running properly, filters being replaced, pests are not invading, siding is not flapping in the wind, pipes are not freezing!  We provide the before and after inspection when you open your house to relatives or key lock services.  We are here available for you.  All these “little things” are recorded, reported, and communicated with you after every visit.  Every inspection we complete is detailed from the exterior to the interior of your home with an emailed report, picture of concerns, and/or phone call if we feel something needs to be addressed immediately.  In this case, we will be available to monitor your home when you arrange for servicemen/women if repairs are necessary.  We are what your insurance company wants to hear. This is the heart of our company…so relax, we’ve got this.

Dakota Home Watch, LLC is licensed, bonded, and accredited by the National Home Watch Association.  We serve the Bismarck/Mandan and surrounding area specializing in home monitoring customized to meet your home’s needs. We are the assurance you need while you are away.  Call us today to set up a meeting and individualized quote.

Let Us Take Care of Your Home When You Are Away!


Derek Lockrem #04180016

Tracey Lockrem #04180014

Derek and Tracey, owners of Dakota Home Watch, LLC, have both earned the NHWA Certified Home Watch Professional Designation. This accomplishment is considered the Gold Standard for Home Watch Excellence and Integrity. The Lockrems completed intense curriculum and assessment of Best Practices compiled by the knowledge and skill of successful leading Home Watch Professionals throughout North America. This designation is testimony of the Lockrems commitment of providing the highest quality of service in North Dakota.